Is Tech Comm Suite, RoboHelp?

If so, is this still Single Sourcing, or do you have to fiddle a lot to put
into RoboHelp.


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Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2014 12:05:23 +0000
From: Jeff Coatsworth <>
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Subject: RE: What end product should I give them? or thinking of
        moving help     application, but to what???
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If you?re already happy with authoring in FM, I?d stick with it. Then I
would get the Tech Comm Suite to produce your EPUB output and/or HTML5
responsive help that would work for tablets too (& look much better than an
EPUB). Don?t get too suckered in by FM12?s claims that you can publish
straight out of FM ? the level of control over output is still being worked
on. Try the trial version first on a non-production machine to test it out.
Carrie Baker

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