For some reason, not all chapters are showing breadcrumbs when a help
system is generated in RoboHelp from a FrameMaker book.

The result was the same when generated with WebHelp, WebHelp Pro, and

No master pages are applied in RoboHelp.  When I attempted to apply a
master page with breadcrumbs, the chapters that had breadcrumbs now had two
sets of breadcrumbs, and the other chapters still did not have breadcrumbs.

The project is linked to a FrameMaker book, but the same results, in the
same chapters, occurs when the book is imported to a RoboHelp project.

The FrameMaker chapter files are using the same formats.

The hierarchy of the help is Part 1/2/3..., and the chapters next.  The
parts all show breadcrumbs.  All chapters are under a Part.  Some chapters
have the breadcrumbs, some do not.

I checked file name length to see if that was an issue, from the previous
cross-reference bug in RoboHelp, but shortening the FrameMaker file name in
did not solve the problem.

I am running TCS4, and FrameMaker 11 and RoboHelp 10 are up to date.

Thank you.

Jeff T.

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