Well, converting to structure isn't trivial, but it's not impossible either.  
You're missing three fundamental things:
* It's not enough to just convert paragraphs to elements -- usually you 

   have to wrap elements in elements.  For example, a list might be 

   <ul><li><p>my text</p></li></ul>  You have to include that wrapping 

   in the conversion table.
* You need an EDD that maps the XML structure you have in mind over to 

   FrameMaker formatting.  If you have a DTD in mind, then maybe you can use 

   that as a starting point for the EDD.  If you're converting to a standard 

   Maker already supports, then an EDD is already there for you.
* You have to import the EDD into your newly structured document.

I recently did a webinar covering the basic workflow for converting 
unstructured docs to XML, and I wrote a whitepaper for Adobe on the subject -- 
look on the Adobe site for "The Hitchhiker's Guide to XML". You can find the 
stuff (and much much more) here:
Author XML/DITA With The New Adobe® FrameMaker® XML Author 12

Good luck!

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