My apologies if I’m using incorrect terminology.

When I start a chapter via importing from Word, there’s a fair amount of 
cleanup work I have to do re: footnotes. If my cursor is in a footnote  and I 
want to jump to the next footnote (not to the footnote’s position in the main 
text, but into the footnote text flow), is there a keyboard shortcut for doing 

I have been able to search for the next footnote paragraph tag, and while that 
works, (1) it’s multiple keystrokes, and more importantly (2) if the source 
document was tagged inconsistently, the search will fail, jumping to a 
subsequent footnote, meaning I still have to manually go through and fix the 

I can fix #1 via AutoHotKey. #2 is a sticky problem.

If there is a shortcut, I’m unaware of it, and if there is a better object to 
search for than the paragraph tag, I’m also ignorant of that.

I know that many people say to avoid importing from Word, but when you have 
chapters that have 200-400 footnotes and as many index markers, trust me, you 
do NOT want to have to manually redo all of those…

Thanks in advance,


P.S. FM12 (TCS5) on Windows Enterprise 64-bit, if it makes a difference.

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