On 2014-Jul-29 11:15 AM, Theresa de Valence wrote:
Hi Framers,

What do I do to clean up files which originate in Word or PDF. I'm turning crime fiction novels into ebooks and have run into a few problems.

Case 1:
I import simple Word files into Frame then publish as epub or mobi. In the finished version there are strange display behaviours in the middle of the book (font size and weight and italic drastically change, then return to normal).

Is there a way I can "clean" files before I begin preparing them for publishing?

In addition to advice from others, you could also MIF-wash the file (save as .mif, re-open and save as .fm) to discard residual Word cruft.

Case 2:
You may suggest that I ask this question on a Word forum, but everyone here knows everything, so here goes:

Client has no "original" document so I've taken his PDF and used Adobe Acrobat to convert to text, massaged it in Frame to fix various things, then copied and pasted in Word. Going through the editing process, I cannot join two paragraphs together (by deleting the carriage return) and the Track Changes feature shows all kinds of formatting changes, which are totally unnecessary. In this case, I also want to strip the document of any formatting.

Could you clarify your workflow? What command in Acrobat to convert to text? "Going through the editing process" -- in Frame, or in Word? Track Changes -- in Frame or in Word?

If you want to strip formatting, copy and paste into Notepad. Turn off Word Wrap, and copy and paste into your real editor (FM or Word).


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