Wait, isn't this an argument *for* using Helvetica? After all, seeing a
blank page would encourage people to stop using IE.

Just kidding, although I am proud to say that I haven't used IE in many,
many years and have no intention of changing that behavior. It's
unfortunate that a variety of circumstances have led to the use of a truly
unfortunate piece of software as a key part of the user experience.

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On 8/5/14, 11:58 AM, "Mike Wickham" <i...@mikewickham.com> wrote:

>I can tell you one font that is NOT Web-safe: Helvetica. I recommend
>that you keep it out of your Web documents. There is a Windows bug that
>causes IE to display Web pages as blank when Helvetica is installed on
>the computer and listed as the first font in a page's CSS. When I was
>unfortunate enough to have problems displaying Web pages, it took me
>quite a while to find the solution online. If you search Google for
>"Helvetica blank pages IE," you'll see all kinds of information on it.
>Mike Wickham
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