Win 7
FM 12 (likely future upgrade; currently using FM 10)
Acrobat 11 (likely future upgrade; currently using X)
No one responded the first time, other than someone else interested in the
same topic. Hoping someone out there has experiences to share.
I can't try this out, as I've not upgraded yet and likely won't for a little
I seem to recall that one of the new features in FM 12 is that you can
continue editing the FM 12 files during the comment cycle and still bring in
comments from the reviewed PDF.
Has anyone been using this? Does it work well? Does the version of Acrobat
used (to create the original PDF and to do the edits) matter?
The changes I anticipate for an upcoming project would be mostly style
changes in the FM files (cleaning up styles, so removing and applying
consistently) and text edits in the PDF. Will I be able to bring in those
text edits from the PDF into the FM 12 files?

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