Adam Hollett said:

Ø  One of the least awkward ways to work with FrameMaker files and backups is 
probably to use revision control software like SVN or git. I keep backups 
disabled in FrameMaker because I know that every commit of changes to my files 
is backed up and reverting is easy.

Ø  This has worked wonders for us and I think it’s the way to go for a modern 

Agreed! Our software team uses Git (at Atlassian’s Bitbucket site) – having 
migrated from sccs and SVN over the years – and I am just getting myself up to 
speed on Git for another reason.

I chose to use one of my FrameMaker documents (using Bitbucket rather than 
Github since I can get private repositories cheaply) to get my learning done 
and plan to do this for all my documents, rather than the current simplistic 
way I use directory trees for version control.

Although I may still use my current subdirectory approach for each editing 
session … I may be wrong, but the Git “store everything on every commit” 
(rather than differences as in sccs or SVN) may be overdone, because it appears 
to creates a copy of the entire tree on each commit rather than a single 
subdirectory in my simple approach.

I’d love to hear more comments on, and experience with, Git too – was my 
purpose for spinning this off into its own thread rather than interfere with 
the original thread. FWIW, I am very old-school … I used to use sccs on our Sun 
systems, changed to RCS, and abandoned both when I came over to Windows for my 
documents. So, now I need to get back to better ways of doing things. ☺


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