Hi Amy,

I have been messing around with your batch file idea but I am having an issue 
with it.

I want to create a batch file to copy all files in the current directory EXCEPT 
for the actual batch file, and no matter what I do using the copy command it 
simply does not work. So, do you know how I can exclude the .bat file when 
copying files?

Thanks in advance,

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of backups

I like having backups available in case of crashes or other emergencies, so I 
don't want to turn them off. As it's also my habit to save different "versions" 
of an active FrameMaker project in different folders, backups are only required 
for those emergencies.

That makes a lot of clutter in the folder for my FM files, and there are times 
I need to see my files without the clutter. Deleting or moving backups is not 
easy if you have lots of files; you can reorder the files any way you like but 
the backups stay glued to their parent FM files.

To get rid of the backups temporarily, I wrote an old-fashioned batch (BAT) 
file that moves backup files to a folder on my C: drive (FM_Backup) and then 
deletes the log file. It takes only a few seconds to run, and leaves a pristine 
view of the FM files.

IMPORTANT: This only works when FrameMaker is closed because FM automatically 
regenerates backup files as soon as you touch an open file.

The code I use is below. You can modify it to delete the files instead of 
moving them, change the backup folder name, get rid of the log deletion, 
whatever you'd like.

1.       In Notepad or another text editor, copy the following lines:

Move *.backup.fm C:\\FM_Backup
Move *.backup.book C:\\FM_Backup
Del *.log

2.       Save the file as "FM_backup.bat" or any other name as long as it has a 
BAT extension.
3.       Create a backup folder on your C drive called "FM_Backup."
You can name this folder anything as long as it matches the folder name in the 
BAT file.
4.       Copy or move the BAT file into the same folder as your working 
FrameMaker files.
IMPORTANT: You must insert a separate copy of the BAT file into every folder 
that contains your FrameMaker files.
5.       To run, double-click "FM_backup.bat."
The pauses stop the program to provide feedback as it moves the files.
6.       Don't forget to delete the backup files when they are no longer 
needed, as the backup folder gets bloated quickly.

I especially like using this when I save different "versions" of an ongoing 
project. When I open a folder containing an earlier version, I only see the 
project files.

The code uses the simple DOS commands move, delete, pause, and exit. It doesn't 
save multiple versions of backups or work from any location except where the FM 
files are stored, but you could get fancy if you're inspired to take this to 
another level.

Amy Sharp
Geophysical Technical Writer
ConocoPhillips Co.
Work: 281-293-1819


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