Does anyone know if MIF2Go is offered in Frame12?  I've been using Frame7 for 
years and moving to Frame12 now.

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Sent: Wednesday, September 17, 2014 2:08 AM
Subject: Tab stop does not work in TOC


in some cases long headings in a TOC does not work well. The page number gets 
to the next row and gets stuck to the left instead of being tabbed to the 
right. I have known this for long but are insterested in any solution. To make 
the text column wider is not an option for us. We are saving as XML. If you 
change the text in the heading it is getting better, but when translated into 
several languages you can never tell the result.

The flow and the paragraph formats on the Reference Page TOC are prepared.

Any soultion out there?

Best regards,

Anna Lena Söderling
StoneBeach AB
Hufvudsta Gård Bageriet
171 73 SOLNA
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