I have fixed this issue in the TOC using the settings in the Paragraph
Designer > Advanced tab. In the Word Spacing group box, change the Minimum
percentage to 175%, Maximum percentage to 325%. You may need to adjust the
settings – for example, in one book, I changed the Minimum percentage to
275%. Apply the changes and regenerate your TOC.  (BTW – I’m using
FrameMaker 11, but this trick worked in prior version that I’ve used.)

On 2014-Sep-17 3:07 AM, Anna Lena S?derling wrote:


> Hi,


> in some cases long headings in a TOC does not work well. The page

> number gets to the next row and gets stuck to the left instead of

> being tabbed to the right. I have known this for long but are

> insterested in any solution. To make the text column wider is not an

> option for us. We are saving as XML. If you change the text in the

> heading it is getting better, but when translated into several

> languages you can never tell the result.


> The flow and the paragraph formats on the Reference Page TOC are prepared.


> Any solution out there?


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