Hi Martha,


Control+Click on the frame and right-click and choose Object Properties. Make 
sure Autoconnect is checked and click Apply.


Rick Quatro

Carmen Publishing Inc.






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Hi All,

I'm having an odd problem. I recently updated from FrameMaker 9 to FrameMaker 
12. Today I opened one of the FrameMaker 9 files for the first time in 
FrameMaker 12. After saving it in the FM 12 format, I noticed that if I add 
text to the last page, it will not flow to a new page. Instead, I get a black 
line at the bottom of the page that indicates that the contents of the text 
frame is larger than the text frame itself. Why won't FrameMaker simply create 
a new page so that this text can continue on a new page?


Martha Lee


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