If anyone at Adobe is monitoring this list and reads this email, customer
support would be sincerely appreciated.


My client purchased a retail license for Framemaker 10.  After the purchase,
and installation, my client set up an Adobe account with an email and a
password. My client attempted to use this email and password to access their
Adobe account today. The email was from the business email of the VP of
Software  Development that is no longer at the company. When my client
entered this email and password, a dialog opened stating that because of
security issues, that a new password had to be created for the account and
that an automatic email with a temporary password with the proper
instructions was being sent to the email address on file for the account.
Well, this obviously won't work as this email is for a person who no  longer
works at the company. It's now an invalid email. I got on the phone with
Adobe support and Ashish stated that all I had to do was have an email sent
that came from my client's address (i.e., usern...@clientcompany.com) that
requested a reset of the email address for the account.  We did that. Well,
come to find out, now Adobe is digging in its heels saying that my client
has to fill out a License Transfer form that asks for all this crap that
such as the End-User ID, etc. Say what? We are NOT transferring the friggin'
license. We are just trying to reset the email address for a valid account.
The friggin' license is staying with the company. The company purchased the
license, not the VP of Software.  And Adobe is saying that this the one and
only shot that we get at this, otherwise, they license becomes invalid . . .
Again, my client purchased the perpetual license and it is still valid. We
just need to change the email address on the account.


Any advice from anyone on this list? I swear to G_D that Adobe Customer
Support is an oxymoron and exists only to hassle, harangue and just plain
hack off its customer base.






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So, I will be the first to admit that I will one of the squeakiest wheels
around on this list when it comes to getting lousy customer support from
Adobe, but this time, I felt that, in all fairness, it would also be
appropriate to send a shout out when it turned out to be great customer

I have a long time client that I got set up with Adobe Framemaker. Long time
client went through a major reorganization and tons of layoffs since March
of this year. My contact there, the long time VP of SW Development, was one
of the folks who got the ax. This VP had purchased a retail license for FM,
and had set up the Adobe account with his credentials (email and password).
When he got the ax, all the information about the purchase (serial number,
Adobe account information, etc.) was never kept track of, and the two
machines on which he had installed FM got wiped BEFORE deactivating FM. Yea,
right. Well, long time client wanted to get set back up again with FM, get
an account reactivated, get the activation back for FM. . . and being Adobe
novices, it was a landmine for them. They didn't even know where to begin
and reached out to me.

Well, I haven't had to deal with Adobe support in a while (knock on wood)
and I quickly found out that the rules for phone support have changed .  .
. even the phone number that was readily available for installation and
activation questions is no longer available after 90 days from installation
and you are forced to chat. 

In a nutshell, chat was as useful as a screen door in a submarine. After an
hour of going nowhere fast, and basically being told that my client was
"screwed" despite the fact that they had a valid license, I called the
support number in frustration and got through to a live person in TCS
support. I asked them (nay, begged them) to listen to my complicated
situation and Ashish understood my frustration and offered to help me.

In about 15 minutes, what couldn't be accomplished in a useless 1 hour chat
was accomplished and taken care of right the first time with Ashish and I am
so grateful. He actually understood the concept of customer service and
helping an Adobe customer.  The folks on chat . . . go fly a kite!!!!

Adobe certainly doesn't make customer support easy unless you pay through
the nose for premium support, and really doesn't handle one-off situations
like this well at all . . until this time with Ashish in TCS support.

So thank you Ashish. It made a world of difference.


Tammy Van Boening


Spectrum Writing, LLC





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