All I can think of is some sort of collision between your backup process and the
FM Book generation process.  Unlikely (assuming the software is done right), but

> On October 24, 2014 at 6:12 PM Linda Gallagher <> wrote:
>  FM 10
>  Win 7
>  All,
>  I was just working in a book that I created about a month ago. I created a
> PDF, found some things that needed fixing, edited a couple of files (not the
> one at issue), updated the book, found a bad x-ref, then found that the file
> the x-ref went to is gone. I mean completely gone. Not in the book file, not
> in the folder on my hard drive, not anywhere on my hard drive. Gone!!!!!
>  I edited the file earlier, and of course it was the only one I'd made
> extensive changes to today, and it's also the longest file of the book (though
> only 20 pages).
>  How on earth could the file get deleted. Everything is local on my computer.
> I'm the only one using any of this. The file was there when I created the PDF
> only a few minutes before the disappearing act. My only actions after creating
> the PDF were to edit a couple of files in the book, then update the book. Then
> WTF, the file is gone.
>  I've recovered the file from backups (I have multiple backup methods and
> locations), but now I'm worried about this issue. What could cause it? I've
> been using FM 10 for years with no issues. (I upgraded to FM 12 recently, but
> haven't updated my old projects.)
>  Any ideas???????
>  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
>  Linda G. Gallagher
>  STC Fellow
>  TechCom Plus, LLC
>  lindag at techcomplus dot com
>  <>
>  303-450-9076

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