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What happens if you add simple text not in a table to the landscape page?  Does 
it flow correctly and add a new page?  Or does it result in a solid bottom 
border suddenly appearing and text disappearing off the bottom?  If the latter, 
the problem is that autoconnect for the landscape page has been turned off.   
On the master page, select the text frame (control right-click) and select 
Properties, just under the box for the flow tag is the checkbox for autoconnect.

– Les Smalley

 From: Pam Harper <>
To: "" <> 
Sent: Tuesday, November 4, 2014 2:09 PM
Subject: Table running over into footers and beyond

When I add spaces or anchored frames below one another in a table that is on a 
landscape page, the table extends itself without regard to the text frame into 
the footer and beyond. It doesn’t do this with the same type of table on a 
portrait page. This has done this in Frame 10 and 12, which I now use. 
The key seems to be that the table is on a landscape page, which I created as a 
custom master page with a regular text frame as a template for body page text 
frame. The Flow Tag is A—same as the rest of the master pages. Nothing is 
rotated. I only run into this table behavior on a landscape page. If I add 
extra pictures or text in a table cell on a portrait page, it always breaks 
cleanly or at least where I can logically break it. Any ideas? 
Pam Harper

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