Yes, you must always turn on View > Text Symbols when you are performing conditional markup (and troubleshooting).
The 'gotcha' in FrameMaker is that if you are typing inside of a condition and press Enter for a new paragraph, FM does NOT conditionalize the pilcrow.
[I do not know why this is the default behavior; I've always considered it a significant bug, but maybe there's a logical reason for it to default to that behavior and have no way to change it...?]
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You need to include the paragraph marker at the end of the bulleted or non-bulleted paragraph in the conditional text. That is not a rule of thumb, it is simply telling Frame which portion of content (visible or non-visible) to make conditional. It might help to switch on the display of hidden characters, such as paragraph endings and tabs, so you can see when they are included in your conditional sections.

> Does anyone have a list of rules of thumb when using conditional text ? I When I mark the text the results that I get when I turn the conditions on or off are inconsistent. For example if I have a bulleted list and I only want certain bullets to appear under certain conditions when I hide the condition the bullet remains (i.e., I am left with a bullet and no text) when I want both the text and the bullet to be removed if the bulleted item is not supposed to show up. Another such occurrence is if I select a paragraph that is conditional and I hide the condition the paragraph is removed but the spacing between the preceding and following paragraphs is not adjusted properly.

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