Thanks for the FM7 advice, Fred; but it seems to have been undone by FM8.0(p277). 
Interestingly, while I was testing whether it still worked like that, I found a bigger gotcha for folks who edit conditional text without condition indicators or text symbols visible:
* [FM8.0] If you are in the middle of conditional text and you press Enter, then immediately press Backspace (to 'undo' the paragraph break), and then continue typing... the text that you type is no longer conditional(!). The automatically-unconditional paragraph break—even when deleted—creates a sort of 'seam' between what is now *two* conditional-markup ranges; and you end up typing 'between' the seam edges and not in the conditional markup.
As I wrote before: this behavior is completely counterintuitive for me; and I cannot think of a single use case in which one would prefer to have a typed paragraph break inside a condtional-markup range *automatically* become unconditional. [I *can* think of use cases where one choose to make the pilcrow of a conditional paragraph unconditional... but they're degenerate/weird cases and certainly not something I'd do by *default*.]
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From: Fred Ridder <>
Date: Mon, November 10, 2014 11:02 am

There is a fairly easy workaround that I used to use in FM7, when I was using conditional text *a lot*. It's been a while since I've used conditional text more than occasionally, so I can't guarantee it still works.

Basically, if you press Enter in the middle of a conditionalized paragraph, the new pilcrow *will* be conditional. The problem is only wen the insertion point immediately precedes the pilcrow. So the workaround it to enter a space and then use the cursor key to move to the left of the space before you press Enter. That way, there is conditinal content on both sides of the IP, and the new pilcrow will have the condition applied to it.

-Fred Ridder

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