Okay. I see now that I wasn't even seeing the TOC window at 1920 pixels wide because I have IE set to display at 150%. So I didn't know what I was missing. When I dropped down to 125% view, it popped in.

Mike Wickham

On 12/15/2014 1:33 PM, Robert Lauriston wrote:
At around 1280 pixels or wider, there's a TOC nav tree in a left-hand
pane. In the middle of the border between the TOC and the topic pane,
there's a left arrow you can click to minimize the TOC. Minimized,
there's a right arrow to expand it.

At less than 1280, the expanded or minimized TOC disappears, and I see
no way to get it. There is a button in the top left corner you can
click to *replace* the current topic with a hard-to-navigate version
of the TOC with huge amounts of white space.


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