Dear all,

In a document from may 1991 "Using FrameMath" i find the list of the Program 
Team, of 
which I 'know' three: 
Ron Avitzur, the author of the base for the Equation Editor, and 
Charles Corfield, one of the founders of Frame Technology, and
Chris Despopoulos, a member of this list and participant in beta testing (and 
of scripts etc.).

Are others also members of this mailing list?

Ron Avitzur, Suzanne Braswell, Lisa Burwell, Chris Butler, Mark Carmichael, 
Champion, Greg Cockroft, Abe Conant, Charles Corfield, Chris Despopoulos, Cary 
Duncan, Joe Dunn, Bill Edwards, Gus Fernandez, David Fuchs, Louise Galindo, 
Gardiner, Dana Gosney, Eric Griswold, Malcolm Hobbs, Grant Hogarth, Ken Keller, 
Kessler, Ira Kleinberg, Susan Koehler, Sharon Lam, Laura Lamar, Kevin Lynch, 
Lyons, Ed Malick, Diane Manning, Jim Melani, Doug Meredith, Michael Milligan, 
Murray, Will Naber, Lori Nelson, Mark Paine, Kathy Paxton, Eric Rapin, Bobby 
Rothschild, Steve Sargent, Bob Silva, Sandra Sundberg, Kevin Susco, Barbara 
Yeong Yang.

I'm just curious.
Klaus Daube
Docu + Design Daube; Schäracher 11; CH-8053 Zürich
Technical documentation & consultancy; On-line and paper
F: +41-44-422 86 25  E:  W:


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