Grant Hogarth here. :-)
Boy, does that list bring back memories!
And although Max Hoffman's not on your list, he was at Frame when that list was
put together. :-)

> On January 2, 2015 at 10:38 AM Klaus Daube <> wrote:
> Dear all,
> In a document from may 1991 "Using FrameMath" i find the list of the Program
> Team, of
> which I 'know' three:
> Ron Avitzur, the author of the base for the Equation Editor, and
> Charles Corfield, one of the founders of Frame Technology, and
> Chris Despopoulos, a member of this list and participant in beta testing (and
> author
> of scripts etc.).
> Are others also members of this mailing list?
> Ron Avitzur, Suzanne Braswell, Lisa Burwell, Chris Butler, Mark Carmichael,
> Kerry
> Champion, Greg Cockroft, Abe Conant, Charles Corfield, Chris Despopoulos, Cary
> Duncan, Joe Dunn, Bill Edwards, Gus Fernandez, David Fuchs, Louise Galindo,
> Jeff
> Gardiner, Dana Gosney, Eric Griswold, Malcolm Hobbs, Grant Hogarth, Ken
> Keller, Eddie
> Kessler, Ira Kleinberg, Susan Koehler, Sharon Lam, Laura Lamar, Kevin Lynch,
> Virginia
> Lyons, Ed Malick, Diane Manning, Jim Melani, Doug Meredith, Michael Milligan,
> David
> Murray, Will Naber, Lori Nelson, Mark Paine, Kathy Paxton, Eric Rapin, Bobby
> Rothschild, Steve Sargent, Bob Silva, Sandra Sundberg, Kevin Susco, Barbara
> Tansy,
> Yeong Yang.
> I'm just curious.
> Klaus Daube
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Docu + Design Daube; Schäracher 11; CH-8053 Zürich
> Technical documentation & consultancy; On-line and paper
> F: +41-44-422 86 25 E: W:

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