Hi Simon,

You could also use the Character Designer to apply change bars so that the 
table marker will not be included.

You can use a mouse in the Character Designer dialog box, or use the keyboard.
The key sequence for those change bars is Format > Style > Change Bar, which 
can by keyed on a Windows PC by:

[Alt][o] [y] [c]

This does not mean the behavior was not a bug, but it is a relatively easy 

As an aside, I sometimes want to have a change bar that includes an 
intermediate table.  FM 9 does not do this the way your version behaves.  If I 
highlight a long sequence of paragraphs, and use the Paragraph Designer to 
apply a change bar, the tables are skipped.  If I use the Character Designer to 
apply the change bar, then the tables are included.

Best Wishes,

Ed DeRosier
Technical Writer
Anritsu Company
Morgan Hill, California

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