My thanks to Art Campbell for reminding me of the option to "Mifwash" the 
offending file, which resolved the problem.

¡Thanks, Art!
Dave Stamm

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Windows 7 Enterprise operating system
Serviced pack 1
8.0 GB RAM
FrameMaker unstructured
Local administrator privileges
Shortcut to FrameMaker encoded to run as administrator

Yesterday, I posted about this problem under the subject, "Cannot import 
graphics."  Today, I experienced the lockup while using the Paragraph Designer 
"pod" (which I guess is the term) when the pod is part of a "tab group" (which 
I again guess is the term).

In my layout of FrameMaker, I customarily have the tab group of the Character 
Catalog, Find/Change, Hypertext, Marker, and Paragraph Designer pods displayed 
in a tab group.

Today, I had copied examples of two paragraph tags from a template and had 
pasted the examples into my production file.  I had applied one of the 
newly-added paragraph tags where I wanted it.  Then, in the tab group, on the 
Paragraph Designer pod, I chose the "Apply" button.  It was then that I heard 
the "ding" that indicates that FrameMaker is locked up hard and that I'll have 
to use Task Manger to force it out of the system.

My installation of FrameMaker was updated to the current version only a week or 
so ago.  Because I have seen no other postings about this problem, I wonder 
whether there's a conflict between the latest update and my employer's security 
software that causes the problem.  Although I've already reported this to the 
corporate service desk, I've had no response to that report.

The contributors to this are my best source of help in such situations.  ¿Any 

Dave Stamm

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