Hi Pam,

You may also need to open the reference pages (View > Reference Pages) and map 
your right and left handed master pages to specific paragraph tags. My 
reference pages have the mapping table at the end.

For starting sections on the right page, I think you could use the Paragraph 
Designer to edit the paragraph tag the section starts with (Heading1 for 
example). Set the Pagination setting's Start option to Top of Right Page.

I use FrameMaker 9 but I think this should still be similar.

Steve Waldenga

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Date: Tue, 10 Feb 2015 08:59:10 +0000
From: Samantha Nair <samantha.n...@smoothwall.net>
To: Pam Harper <phar...@bailiwick.com>
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Subject: Re: Book Set up and Pagination
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Hi Pam,

If you want to force the chapter-start to the right side, the technicians will 
need to print double-sided unfortunately.

To do this, go to *Format > Page Layout > Pagination* (I work in FM10 so 
apologies if the menu items or options are slightly different, but I believe 
they're still the same)

You want:

   - *Double Sided*
   - 1st Page Side = *Right*
   - Before saving and printing = *Make Page Count Even* -> This option
   will leave a blank page at the end of the chapter if the text ends on a
   odd-numbered page.

You may need to adjust your templates to match as well.


Give me a shout if anything's not clear.

Sam (fellow sole techwriter, and only FM user here)

On 9 February 2015 at 22:43, Pam Harper <phar...@bailiwick.com> wrote:

>  This is not one of the joys of being the only techwriter and Frame
> user here because this may be a simple question, but I?ve spent too
> many hours trying to figure this out, and so far no success. I develop
> manuals in Frame 12 that are PDF?d for cable and equipment technicians
> who must print them out before leaving for new installs.
> Usually I have set up the docs for single side with no right or left
> master pages (which looks awful when printed out).
> I?m working on a 180 page doc that I am setting up for a first page
> and left/right pages for every chapter in the book (although the first
> three don?t need that, I think). The first three sections of the doc
> are the cover (two pages?front and copyright), change page, and TOC.
> The fourth section, or chapter, is the installation chapter followed
> by separate appendices.  How do I set up the book so that odd-numbered
> pages print out on the right side?
> I?d also would like to force each section to begin on the right
> side?how do I do that? Is putting in a blank page the only way to do
> that? This may not be too popular with technicians who already
> complain about the size of the docs.
> Pam Harper
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