I am importing xml files into structured framemaker 8 and these files reference graphics using the following syntax:

<yfigure file = "../somefile.png" impsize = "3.183in 1.1in" impby = "ref" sideways = "0" impang = "0.000" xoffset = "0.080in" yoffset = "0.0in" position = "runin" align = "aright" cropped = "0" float = "0" width = "3.25in" height = "3.1in" angle = "0.000" bloffset = "0.000in" nsoffset = "0.000in"/>

I think I got this syntax by exporting a file and seeing what framemaker created.

I am using an automated process to create the xml files that assumes all the referenced graphics files are the same size. However, it turns out that they really aren't. The result is that graphics files that don't fit impsize = "3.183in 3.1in" get distorted.

What I would really like is to just say - import this file at such and such a resolution and let it size automatically.

Does anyone know if there is a different syntax that can specify the resolution instead of the dimensions of the imported graphic?


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