Hi Pat, 

I checked our standard XML-workflow: We are also using a special first
master page which is assigned to the first (and only) page of the

After loading the XML content, the standard left and right master pages
are used after the first page. The setting for the template is "Delete
empty pages". 

We had no problems with this so far. 

I checked with FM 8 and FM 12. 

Best regards - Tino H. Haida, Berlin 

 Christenson, Pat: 

> I have a template with a custom master page on the first page. Pagination is 
> set to Before Saving & Printing, Delete Empty Pages. The template is 1 page 
> with boilerplate content. Content in each document flows onto new pages. 
> Here's the problem: the new pages all use the custom first master page, not 
> master page Right. 
> I've discovered that changing the Before Saving & Printing setting in the 
> template to Make Page Count Even in the template corrects this (new pages use 
> master page Right) but these documents aren't supposed to have empty pages. 
> The 2 fixes I've developed are: 
> - In the template, set Before Saving & Printing to Make Page Count Even. 
> After content is final in a document, set it to Delete Empty Pages. 
> OR 
> - In the template, add empty paragraphs to flow onto a second page, then set 
> Before Saving & Printing to Delete Empty Pages. In a document, delete the 
> empty paragraphs after inserting real content. 
> Any other suggestions? 
> Pat Christenson 
> Resource Coordinator 
> Fitzgerald Marketing and Communications 
> pchristen...@ftportfolios.com

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