Excuse the newbie-ness of this question:

I'm involved in producing books that are very much smaller than I'm used to 
working with. The toc, lof and lof generated files are very small and can fit 
on a single page together. Is there any downside to generating standard toc, 
lot, and lof files and then referencing them into an empty document that sits 
in the place in the book where these three files would usually sit? I've moved 
the actual generated files outside the printed area of the book into a separate 
Group that contains other files that track things but never get printed.

This seems to produce a Word-like combination file that contains all the data 
from the three generated files. I've chosen the option to retain the source 
formatting for the text insets from the generated files.

Q: Is there a downside to this approach that will rear its head later? I 
understand that I will have to do multiple generates of the book to ensure the 
correct page numbering if the toc-lof-lof file expands.

Thank you.

"proud FM user since 1992"

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