FM 10, all patched, Win7, x64. 

When I add the " Continued" variable to a table title, I expect that it
should wrap the title text onto the next page because the variable makes the
title too long  for one line. It won't do that. It will just make one line
of text and then cut anything off that would have gone to the next line, so
the continuation variable isn't displayed. I have tried mucking around with
the Right indent setting in the Paragraph Designer for the TableTitle tag,
but although this solves the problem for the one nuisance table title, it
artificially forces all the other table titles to wrap and become a two-line
title, when one line will hold the entire tag, including the Continued
variable, so these TableTitle tags look funky.

I am stymied.



Tammy Van Boening
Spectrum Writing, LLC
TammyVB  *AT*  spectrumwritingllc  *DOT*  com


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