HI John, 
I do this often when converting between different templates. 

But I use FM's Find dialog box with Wildcards turned on and with Consider Case 
turned on. 
I do a search for Body para tag by entering ^Body$ when searching for Paragraph 
The carat (^) defines the beginning of the search sting and the dollar sign ($) 
defines its end, so that you don't find other para tags beginning with Body, 
such as Body Text or BodyBeforeList.
Since FM's search is case sensitive, I also turn on the "Consider Case" button 
- just to be on the safe side.

Then I continue to "Change" the "Body" para tag to "Body Text" para tag "By 
Pasting" the Body Text para tag (assuming you did a special copy >Paragraph Tag 
while standing on that P tag).

Hope this helps, 


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Hi, guys...I'm putting in a couple of days to clean up some inconsistencies in 
my documentation template and styles.

I currently use the P style  "Body Text" (no quotes)  for normal body text.

However, in the past, I'd used the P Style "Body" (no quotes) and I want to do 
a Paragraph tag search on "Body" to clean it out.  However, it also finds "Body 
Text" which I don't want.

How do I limit the search to just "Body"?


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