On 23 Apr 2015 at 9:30, Studio Smalbro wrote:

> The nice Symbols button on the menu bar will per default have Bullet
> Character, Plus/minus, Double Dagger etc. Is it possible to customize the
> selection of symbols? Running FrameMaker 12, here.

Bjørn, assuming that You want to modify the menu and button in the Unstructured 
WysiWyg view ...

Open in a text-editor:

Find these lines
   <Add CharBullet         <Menu SpecialSymbols>>
   <Add CharPlusMinus      <Menu SpecialSymbols>>
   <Add CharDoubleDagger   <Menu SpecialSymbols>>
   <Add CharEllipsis       <Menu SpecialSymbols>>

Add/replace such lines.

The names of the symbols for the  Add clause can be found in 
$HOME\fminit\configui\cmds.cfg ($HOME is the installation directory of FM)
Find for example CharPlusMinus:

<Command CharPlusMinus  <Label Plus/Minus>      <Definition \xB1>> ...
to dive into the file. Some of the characters are not in this area, for example:
  <Command CharBullet
    <Label Bullet Character>
    <Definition \xa5>>

You may also have a look at http://www.daube.ch/docu/fmaker67.html#context

Klaus Daube

Docu + Design Daube; Schäracher 11; CH-8053 Zürich
Technical documentation & consultancy; On-line and paper
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