Hi Charles,


I have seen this over the years and can confirm what you are seeing. If you
save the book as a MIF file, you can see the bookmark settings, but they are
not exposed programmatically. In the past, I have used a brute force
approach where I will use a script to save the .book file as MIF and then
correct the settings in the MIF file then resave it as a .book file. It has
been awhile, but I am pretty sure that it worked. Please let me know if you
have any questions or comments. Thank you very much.




Rick Quatro

Carmen Publishing Inc.






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Hello all,


I have a collection of print-to-file books used to create custom PDFs from a
large set of primary book files.  Each of these print-to-file books must be
individually configured with its own custom bookmark settings.  The problem:
the print-book files always default to initial bookmark settings between
print jobs, apparently to the settings that existed when the books were
first created.  I have been unable to find a method to make the bookmark
settings "stick" from one use to the next.  This, then, requires an added
step in the workflow to re-do the settings every time, and creates an
ongoing opportunity to misconfigure the settings, requiring do-overs.  I'm
using Microtype's TimeSavers, so I haven't experimented with Save As PDF.


Is this known behavior ( or a possible bug)?  If so, has anyone found a
workaround that makes the book files keep their print settings between uses?



W7 with all patches

And, if it matters, Adobe PDF Converter from Adobe Acrobat Pro 11.0.11


Thanks for your help,



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