Thank you so very much.  The book PDF setups now "stick" and the Save as PDF
is a bonus.  I'd avoided Save As ever since all the early troubles.  


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To: 'Charles Richardson'
Subject: re: Book Print Settings (non) persistence


You wrote:

> I have a collection of print-to-file books used to create custom PDFs from
a large set 
> of primary book files.  Each of these print-to-file books must be
> configured with its own custom bookmark settings.  The problem: the
> files always default to initial bookmark settings between print jobs,
> to the settings that existed when the books were first created.  I have
> unable to find a method to make the bookmark settings "stick" from one use
>  the next.  This, then, requires an added step in the workflow to re-do
the settings
>  every time, and creates an ongoing opportunity to misconfigure the
> requiring do-overs.  I'm using Microtype's TimeSavers, so I haven't
> with Save As PDF. ..

When specifying the PDF settings for the book, make sure to first select all
items In the book window (including the top "book" entry), then use Format >
Document > PDF Setup (or proceed directly to File > Save as PDF).

"Save as PDF" works fine in conjunction with FrameMaker-to-Acrobat
TimeSavers; at least with FM8 or later, no need to restrict yourself to
using print to .PS and then distill. 

Shlomo Perets

FrameMaker/Acrobat/Captivate training & consulting . FM-to-Acrobat


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