You may have received a similar email invitation in your mail box from a 
different source in the past week; I just wanted to make sure that everyone on 
the Framers List is aware of  2 PRODUCT LAUNCH webinars that AdobeTCS has 
scheduled next week for our newest versions of FRAMEMAKER and ROBOHELP. Session 
Date/Time and Registration links are listed below, followed by a brief 

We hope to see you there and are confident that you will see some new, exciting 

PRODUCT LAUNCH: What's new in FrameMaker (2015 Release)
Tuesday June 16, 08:00 - 10:00 AM Pacific Time
Registration Link = http://adobe.ly/1I8aMK7

Key new features and  major work flow improvements in the FrameMaker product 
family that will be covered in this session, include:

*       Editing and publishing support for Right-to-Left languages, viz. Arabic 
and Hebrew 
*       Out-of-the-box publishing to mobile including native mobile apps, web, 
desktop and print
*       Easier layout editor for HTML5 allowing inclusion or exclusion of 
widgets for Filter, Search, etc.
*       Dynamic Content Filters enabling users to quickly find highly 
personalized, contextually relevant content
*       Greatly enhanced Word import into FrameMaker
*       Empowering SMEs to author in a NEW, simplified "form-like" XML 
environment, without knowing XML
*       Improved efficiency and usability with tables and conditional text 
*       Working faster with enhanced Structure view, in-line MathML equations 
and reduced EDD customization time
*       Extended DITA 1.3 support, "mini-TOC", improved Quick Element Insertion 
Toolbar and a host of other features 
*       Several significant UI enhancements to boost productivity

FYI -- (for those also interested in RoboHelp)

PRODUCT LAUNCH: What's new in RoboHelp (2015 Release) and Tech Comm Suite (2015 
Thursday, June18, 08:00 - 10:00 AM Pacific Time
Registration Link = http://adobe.ly/1J7weQR

Completely redesigned User Interface

*       New ribbon-based UI with Context-sensitive icon display
*       Brand new HTML5 Layout! -- Easily show/hide widgets for Filter, TOC, 
Index, etc.
*       Native social media widget support
*       Support for Right-to-Left language support
*       Publish content with dynamic content filtering - Users can easily 
select and filter content, simplifying "find-ability"
*       URLs display dynamic content filter choices; excellent for CSH Context 
Sensitive Help
*       Easily publish stand-alone mobile apps for iOS and Android
*       Greatly improved FIND/REPLACE functionality
*       Support for named expressions with conditional build tags

Note: both sessions will be recorded. If you are interested, please register, 
even if you cannot attend; you will receive a follow-up email from Product 
Evangelist (me) that has "minute-markers" indicating how far into the recording 
key features are covered.

Maxwell Hoffmann |  Product  Evangelist  |  Adobe  |  p. 503.336.5952  |  c. 
503.805.3719  |  mhoff...@adobe.com 
http://twitter.com/maxwellhoffmann -  
http://www.linkedin.com/in/maxwellhoffmann  blogs.adobe.com/techcomm
Upcoming webinars http://adobe.ly/Pbz6xI    Recorded webinars: 

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