An odd problem...  I have a DITA publication, and I save as a Composite 
Document.  All is fine, except I have some hypertext links  implemented as 
markers on codeph text.  (That translates to text with a specific text format, 
ao it shold work like any hypertext marker.)  When I look at them in Maker, 
they're all correct, and the modifier keys show that they are treated as hover 
regions, and they display what the link points to.  When I save as PDF, I have 

Here's the funny thing.  Some of them work, and some do not.  I can take one 
that doesn't work, and copy it into the same part of the document where one of 
them DOES work, and that copy will work.  I can copy one that does work and 
paste it into the region where one of then does NOT work, and that copy will 
not work.
What I get in the PDF is straight text, formatted correctly, but no link 
action.  I can see nothing to indicate why one region of the doc can generate a 
working link, and another region of the doc cannot.  The structure is valid, 
everything looks right.  And in case you think it's position...  Links work at 
the top, and at the bottom, and at other arbitrary positions in the tree. I 
have a nested topic where the first such link does not work, and the second one 
does.  In other cases, the first link does work and the second one does not. In 
other cases non of them work, and still in other cases all the links in a topic 

Now let's get even weirder...  I'm doing this on a Mac, running Maker within a 
Windows WM.  I can copy the file over to my Win machine, same version of Maker, 
and generate the PDF.  In that case, all the links work. 

Does anybody have a clue what might be happening?  And no, it isn't HTTPS vs 

Thanks for ANY input         cud

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