At 22:46 +0100 17/6/15, Steve Rickaby wrote:

>At 11:54 -0400 17/6/15, <> wrote:
>In case it proves flaky to do it in FrameMaker.

Sorry, not a good answer. Let me elaborate. As I understand it, you want to 
include the same content multiple times in a book. FrameMaker might make that 
tricky unless you have, as has already been suggested (Monica?), multiple book 
files with different names but with the same content.

If you follow this approach, it should all work and only leave you with the 
issue of being confident that the included content is always identical. 
However, you only want to have to edit that content in one place. Hence a 
master document for the multiply included content, and some convenient means 
outside FrameMaker that ensures that edits to the master content are always 
propagated to multiple included clones.

Gets you around using text insets, although I'd probably try that also if the 
cloned content is short.


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