There is one updated DLL that you need to make Mif2Go compatible with Frame 12. 
As for FM 2015, we only tested the 30-day trial and we could not get Mif2Go to 
run. We didn't spend any time investigating why. We assumed it was the same 
issue as FM 12, that Mif2Go probably needed a small code update to recognize 
the new version.

Out of curiosity, why do you need Mif2Go? Saving from Frame to Word is much 
better in the more recent versions, or even saving PDF to Word. I know the 
older versions of Frame had serious problems saving to Word, but I don't see 
that with FM 12. What are you not getting that you think Mif2Go will solve?



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Zaeem Hosain
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Key for making it work in FrameMaker 12 (and probably FrameMaker 2015 too? but 
I have not tried that version), is the one file that needs to be changed. It is 
described in an older post here or at the website perhaps.


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Support for FM12/2015 is, from what I understand, not great. I believe that 
some have successfully been able to get it to work. Check the mif2go Yahoo 
group for details.

If you want to help with the future development of Mif2Go, you can download the 
source from GitHub ..


On 1/5/16 1:32 PM, Stamm, David wrote:


Please refresh my memory or dispel my ignorance about how and where I may 
obtain Mif2Go for use with FrameMaker 12 and FrameMaker 2015 Release.  This, to 
convert into Word files.

As I recall, Mif2Go and its close relatives were to have become open source 
after Jeremy died.


Dave Stamm

Information Engineer

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