At 16:27 +0000 6/1/16, Denis Daly wrote:

>Does anyone have an opinion on using Acrobat Writer to edit the PDF file 
>created from FM? The intention being to not revert to the original FM file and 
>that all future edits would be done using Acrobat writer only.
>This process only to be used on a small number of FM files. 'Normal' practice 
>is to use FM exclusively. I am thinking of doing this as my workload is 
>increasing and we do not intend to purchase a second FM licence or train a 
>second user in FM. Instead a second person is available but that person has 
>Acrobat writer experience.

This sounds like bad practise to me - it has the makings of a version control 
nightmare. How, for example, are you going to link the (possibly several) 
changed PDFs with their FrameMaker master document?

You do not say which version of FrameMaker you are using, but later versions 
have the ability to import PDF review comments:


The note 'Note: The source document should not be changed between generating 
PDF and importing comments' is no longer true with FrameMaker 12's enhanced 
Acrobat comment import feature:


Might help?

(Disclaimer: I have to used this feature.)


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