Tom, the way I do this is to make a splash screen containing a graphic and create a PDF out of it. Then on that splash screen PDF (in Acrobat), I create "buttons" for each publication on the disc and link the button to the appropriate PDF.

When you burn the CD, you would have your splash screen PDF, the various PDFs for your manuals, and two more files that cause the disc to autorun:

autorun.inf which contains the following two lines, where "welcome.pdf" is the name I assign my splash screen:
open=winopen \welcome.pdf

(see for information; I can't remember what's in mine and I don't have time right now to backtrack the research)


At 12:34 PM 1/13/2016, you wrote:
This is not necessarily a FrameMaker issue, but I a presuming that some of you may have done this and would be able to provide me with needed advice.

For a few of our machines, we ship several manuals with each group of machines on a project -- one print copy of each manual and, currently, a CD/DVD of each individually packaged in a CD/DVD book case. I want to replace these multiple CDs with a single disc that contains the pdf versions of all of the manuals shipped.

Rather than just burning all of the manuals to disc, I'd like to compile them onto a single disc with a cover file that opens when the CD is inserted (if the user has autoplay enabled) and provides links to each of the manuals on the CD. Is it possible to do this in Acrobat (I have Acrobat XI Pro running on a 64-bit Windows 7 Enterprise SP1) or FrameMaker? All of the manuals that would be burned to the CD also were created in FrameMaker 12.

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