Hi Tom,

You might also combine them in a PDF portfolio.


The portfolio supports all the features which you need.
However, I do not know, whether other PDF viewers
can open such a portfolio. Just test it.

Best regards


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This is not necessarily a FrameMaker issue, but I a presuming that some of you 
may have done this and would be able to provide me with needed advice.

For a few of our machines, we ship several manuals with each group of machines 
on a project -- one print copy of each manual and, currently, a CD/DVD of each 
individually packaged in a CD/DVD book case. I want to replace these multiple 
CDs with a single disc that contains the pdf versions of all of the manuals 

Rather than just burning all of the manuals to disc, I'd like to compile them 
onto a single disc with a cover file that opens when the CD is inserted (if the 
user has autoplay enabled) and provides links to each of the manuals on the CD. 
Is it possible to do this in Acrobat (I have Acrobat XI Pro running on a 64-bit 
Windows 7 Enterprise SP1) or FrameMaker? All of the manuals that would be 
burned to the CD also were created in FrameMaker 12.

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