On 29 Nov 2005, at 21:26, Peter Gold wrote:

> There's no difference between FM files on Mac, unix, and Windows. 
> However, there are some file-naming limitations you'll run into with 
> long file names on Windows that get truncated on Mac, because you're 
> running FM in Classic, not true OS X.

Just to put things into perspective, Mac OS 9, the heart of the Classic 
environment, supports file and folder names of up to 32 characters (or 
16 double-byte characters). So unless you use unfeasibly long 
filenames, this will more than likely be a non-issue.

A cross-platform minor annoyance that you may encounter is that EPS 
graphics produced on the Mac appear as gray boxes on your PC. This is 
because Mac EPS files are typically saved with a PICT data preview, 
which is not supported by Windows. EPS files saved with a TIFF data 
preview appears OK on either platform.


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