Are you embedding all fonts? Is Arial Unicode MS one of them? Are you calling a 
character that is getting substituted with one from Arial Unicode MS (and 
subsequently embedding it)?

That font is in the neighborhood of 24MB.

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I am having a similar problem. I have a 618kb JPG that has to be copied into 
the doc (can't be ref'd - long story, unusual case), and it balloons the FM 
file from 299 kb to 25,669kb when I insert that meager 618kb JPG!  Any 
suggestions anyone?

Rene Stephenson

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I have a Frame file that contains both imports of PDFs of Illustrator graphics 
and Illustrator files. One of these graphics in particular causes tremendous 

That AI (Illustrator) file weighs in at 1.9 MB. The PDF of the same file is a 
svelte 101 KB. If I import either the Illustrator file or the PDF'd Illustrator 
file and Save As PDF (standard job option at a measly 600 dpi or even at 1200 
dpi) the file balloons out to 11 MB.

If I produce a postscript file (from Frame) of the one page containing the 
graphic, the results are the same. The postscript file is 1.3 MB, which in turn 
distills into a 12 MB PDF. Bizarre.

Any ideas on what to do?

Vital statistics: Frame 7.0p579, WinXP Pro SP2, TimeSavers 3.6, Nav Asst. 
2.3.2, Forms Asst 1.7.

B a r u c h   B r o d e r s e n
T e c h n i t e x t   D o c u m e n t a t i o n
7 0 2   2 8 9   4 1 0 6

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