Thanks, Joe, I checked, but that's not the problem. I still can't figure out
what's making this FM file bloat to over 25 MB when I insert a JPG that's
barely over half a MB. This JPG is making the FM file about 41 times the
size of the JPG!! Outrageous!

Help.......... anyone?

Scratching my head :-\

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Could it be that both of the problems are due to multiple facets? You may
have your FM set to create FrameImage facets whenever you copy in a graphic.
That may generate two copies of the graphic.


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  I am having a similar problem. I have a 618kb JPG that has to be copied
into the doc (can't be ref'd - long story, unusual case), and it balloons
the FM file from 299 kb to 25,669kb when I insert that meager 618kb JPG!
Any suggestions anyone?

  Rene Stephenson

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