Hi Boudewijn,

It is not possible to set a default row height, as you would set in the Row 
Format dialog box. However, you may be able to do this by setting the Table 
Cell Margins on the default paragraph format that appears in the table. To 
try this, follow these general steps.

1) Insert a table into your template.
2) Adjust the row height by changing the Table Cell Margins on the 
paragraph(s) in the row cell(s). Make sure you click Update All in the 
Paragraph Designer.
3) If you can get the height you want, open the Table Designer and click 
Update All. Now when a new table is inserted, you should have the height you 

If you can't get the correct height with this method, you will have to use a 
FrameScript script or FDK client to set the height upon import.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

Hello Framers,

I'm working with structured Framemaker 7.0 with html table in the xml
files. Is there a way to use "row format" for a table like you can use
an initial Table format. Or is there an other way to define the heigh of
the row.

For a particular table with just 1 row (without any content), I want to
define the height of the row. If not possible by an attribute in de
table, than by using an initial row format, like it's possible to use an
initial table format.



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