Hello All

I'm hoping one or more of the Acrobat gurus on the list may be able to
help with this problem.

I'm saving a book as PDF using structured Frame 7.1 (using File, Save
Book As...) on Windows XP. I'm creating bookmarks but not tagged PDF.
The process creates a TPS file which is then distilled to PDF. My book
has 5 files. Watching the TPS file size in Windows Explorer, I see it
increases rapidly up to about 3 MB, then slows to a crawl. Whereas the
first 3MB is created in seconds, after that it adds about 10K every 20
seconds. the TPS file gets up to about 3.4 MB before completion.
Eventually the PDF is created and looks fine, and the bookmarks/links
work OK. But it can take an hour to create the PDF. I tried this on
three different machines with the same result. I'm doing this across a
network, but I tried it on a local copy too with the same result.

I've looked into this quite closely, and the problem begins with a file
that contains text imported from Word (proved by adding and removing
files/sections and distilling again). The slow-down occurs half-way
through this file. The original Word doc does not contain any
cross-references or hyperlinks, only text (no graphics either). I
created the structured Frame file from this Word doc by saving as RTF,
then using the open-source rtf2xml utility to create DocBook XML.

Does anyone have any ideas what might cause this? I've eliminated
cross-refs and hyperlinks in the original Word doc (my first suspicion).
I saved as MIF and re-opened, but it made no difference. My choices at
present seem to be either to live with the slow PDF generation or to
re-type the document.

Thanks to all.


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