Imported-from-Word docs often seem to contain hidden higher-order
characters that
cause problems when it comes to .pdf creation, maybe because Acrobat
doesn't know
how to deal with them, or they may signal Acrobat to do something special.

I think I'd try these alternate methods of import:
* Poke around in the .mif file to see if you can ID more precisely
what is triggering the show down, and remove it.
* In Word, in a copy of the source, Remove Formatting, and save as
.RTF (Maybe also save as .txt while you're at it). Try opening the
.RTF in FM to see if that makes a difference.
* Make a .PDF of the problem file from Word, then extract an .RTF file
from that in Acrobat.
* If it still isn't working, try copy-and-pasting the .txt file in to
FM with the Paste Special / Text command.


> Does anyone have any ideas what might cause this? I've eliminated cross-refs
> and hyperlinks in the original Word doc (my first suspicion). I saved as MIF
> and re-opened, but it made no difference. My choices at present seem to be
> either to live with the slow PDF generation or to re-type the document.
> Thanks to all.
> Roger

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