You could set up an automated master page to do this. If you need information 
on how to do so let me know and I'll try to build a document to put on my site 
with instructions (that goes for the whole list, but again, email me off list 
if you are interested).

Basically you set up a special paragraph (say, FigureRotated) that appears at 
the top of a page. If there is no need for a caption, set this paragraph to 
have about 1440pts below.

Now build a custom master page based on your defaults and rotate the page. Then 
counter-rotate the text frame and size it as needed.

Once done, set up your reference pages (this is a bit of a headache since they 
don't have default layouts for this feature) by using the Format > Page Layout 
> Apply Master Pages as well as the code in the reference pages. Note that you 
may have to do this a couple of times for the set up to 'work'. I detail it in 
the Advanced FrameMaker book (also available for purchase on my site) in an 
entire chapter, so it's not just a 'point and click' type of feature to set up. 
Once done, it's great. Sort of like numbering in FrameMaker; not fun to set up 
but great to use once done :)


Bernard Aschwanden
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In a file, one graphic will be landscape (in an anchored frame), And then I 
will of course have to make a PDF.

How do I go about inserting the graphic and printing it to PDF?

Caroline Tabach
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