In case you missed it last week (or was it the week before last?),
there was a thread about how there is still a problem with the Save
As PDF function that might be an issue for you. 

The upshot of the discussion (as confirmed by a couple of list 
members) is that unless the filename you use for the PDF matches
the name of the book file, some of the hypertext links within the
document (cross-references, TOC entries, etc.) will be broken.
And the same thing will happen if you change the name of the 
PDF file after you create it. Apparently, when you use Save As
PDF, some named destinations have names that include the 
name of the book file rather than just a destination ID. The 
print-to-PostScript-then-distill method, on the other hand, works 
fine and does not create destination names that include the 

So if you use hyperlinks in your PDFs, it may be a moot point 
that Distiller doesn't close after you use Save As PDF because 
you shouldn't use that method to create your PDFs.

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Subject: Minor annoyance saving as PDF under FrameMaker 7.2b144

On Tuesday of this week I installed the patch to FrameMaker 7.2. Since
then, when I save as PDF, Distiller doesn't automatically close when the
PDF is complete (as it used to in Frame 7.0). Before I upgraded to 7.2 I
uninstalled FrameMaker 7.0 but left Acrobat Professional (v7.0.5) alone.
During the FrameMaker 7.2 installation I declined to install Distiller.
that I think of it, the change in behavior may have happened with the
upgrade (I installed the upgrade on November 29 and didn't create a lot
PDFs in the intervening week).

At any rate, does anyone know of a preferences setting that will close
Distiller when it is finished? For now I've set Distiller and my Adobe
printer to show me the result in Acrobat when complete, so I at least
when the job is finished. But I still have to close Distiller manually
I'd rather have that happen automatically.

I'm on digest, so copy me directly if appropriate. Otherwise I'll read
responses Monday morning. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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