On 14 Dec 2005, at 15:06, david wrote:

> At 13.56 +0000 05-12-14, Paul Findon wrote/05-12-14, 13.56 +0000 skrev 
> Paul Findon
>> Getting back to the question, I've not tried this, but I think RTF is 
>> the only way to go.
> Framemaker can export to .doc, can't it? Since Pages imports that, 
> wouldn't migration path possibly retain more information than RTF? 
> Anyone tried?

That's what I thought. But it wasn't an option when I checked. However, 
like Apple, I use FrameMaker 6.0. Just checked FrameMaker 7.0 and, sure 
enough, Word is a save-as option. So, yes, FrameMaker->Word->Pages is 
another route. As you say, it should retain more info, but I've read 
some unfavorable reports about Pages' Word import/export ability on 
Apple's forums, so your milage may vary.


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