I said...

>I am using one autonumber thread to control stuff that needs to flow through a 
>book. I just wanted to check that in this case, i.e. paragraph number threads 
>not reset between chapters, there is no alternative to creating a separate 
><n=0> paragraph clone for all the numbered paragraphs. Anyone know any good 
>FrameScript is not an option for this job, but the final template will be 

but I don't think I was being clear enough, so here goes again...

I have a series of numbering threads that run through a book, for figures, 
tables and so on, of the form '<thread id>:<$chapnum>.<n+>' - a fairly normal 
situation. These need to restart for each chapter, to give 4.1, 4.2 etc or 
whatever. However, I have one numbering thread that I do *not* want to reset 
for each chapter.

As far as I know, the only way to do this is to reset the chapter-level 
numbering threads using a special '<thread id>:<$chapnum>.<n=1>' (sorry, not 
<n=0>, as I originally posted) paragraph tag for the first instance of each 
respective numbering thread in each chapter. I'd like to avoid that, but cannot 
see how. That's what I was asking - is there some clever way of avoiding this 
tag duplication?

I'd like to find a solution that works in unstructured FrameMaker,  but I'm 
also interest in whether numbering thread resetting can be programmed into an 
EDD somehow. Afaik, if a separate '<thread id>:<$chapnum>.<n=1>' para tag 
exists, that can be chosen automatically for the first instance of the 
respective enclosing element in its parent element (chapter). That doesn't get 
round the tag duplication, but at least it automates the number thread 

I'm just trying to avoid 'tag explosion' here, to keep template maintenance 
within some sort of reasonable limits.

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