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>With this scheme, you don't need numbering flows, e.g.
>              Chaps     Whatever  Sects  Figs   Tables  Eqns   Steps
>     Chapter\ <$chapnum>< >       < =0>  < =0>  < =0>   < =0>  < =0>  <
>See the section "Using counters in autonumber formats" in the "Text
>formatting" chapter of the User Guide.

Yup, I'm now well-educated on complex numbering formats. In fact, I used to 
know all this from pre version 5 days (honest), but I'd archived the knowledge 
since the advent of simpler schemes based on $chapnum and named threads. I 
rarely use multi-level numbering.

Thanks to your and Roger Shuttleworth's help, I am now well re-educated and 
have numbering working exactly as I want. Roger was particularly patient with 
me as I floundered my way through sorting the problems out, even to the point 
of telling him firmly that it did not work when it did.

This subject needs better explanation than it gets in the user guide. One thing 
that is specifically counter-intuitive and needs to be spelled out very firmly 
is that fact that separate numbering fields within a thread do not necessarily 
map to separate level counters in a multi-level numbering scheme, which is what 
one might intuitively expect.

My thanks to all.

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