FM 7.1 (unstructured) Win XP0

I've seen this before and I'm half way through fixing it (the hard way). I had 
to put this job aside until tonight, so I've had a chance to rethink things. 

I have a book that I haven't worked on for a while. I changed the name of the 
book at some point. So now the name of the book doesn't match the name of its 
generated files. For example if the name used to be, the TOC was and the index was  But I changed the name to  
when I open the book I can see and open all and, but seem to 
be "disconnected."  By this, I mean that when I do a book operation like Update 
or "open next document in book," Frame can't find the file.  I get an error 
"can't find" 

I started re-creating the files this morning (doing an Add TOC), but this seems 
like a lot of uneccessary work when I've got what looks like the right file 
right in front of me.  I'm wondering if there's a way of tricking Frame into 
recognizing the file again. Is it just a matter of matching the name of the 
* file with the name in the book?  That'd be great. If that's not what 
Frame looks for I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what it does look for.

Thanks in advance.

J. Paul Kent

J. Paul Kent

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